Back in 2001, I launched my photography business with the sole  focus of Pregnancy and Birth photography. There is a potential for this to be one of the  most gratifying times in a woman's life.  I have supported hundreds of women in connecting with their bodies while capturing it all on camera by creating a peaceful, safe  and deliberate experience. I pay great attention to taking care of my mamas before, during, and after their sessions.

Here is what one woman had to say:

"To be open and relaxed is to be photogenic. 14 years after being photographed by Lucia Paxton while I was pregnant with our first child, I still can look at the many photographs from that day and remember how good it felt to be seen through the “eyes” of her lens. Never during my pregnancy did I feel as beautiful and celebrated as I did while Lucia expertly guided me through a few natural vignettes, which were composed entirely of what was inherently good and right about my life at that moment. Not only was her sense of composition strong and her execution professional, her appreciation of what was/is beautiful about me became poignantly amplified and documented through these images. They still serve as a visual portal to my own joy and fullness on that day so many years ago. Her work now seems to have become even more focused on the essence what I experienced the beginnings of so long ago, which was already comfortable, affirming and fun in the way it connected me to myself. Knowing how much more seasoned and attuned she must be after 14 additional years of photographing men and women, I cannot recommend the experience and results of her work more highly." ~JB

Session with Only Digital images   start at $397

Print Packages start at $697and up

Photo Book Packages start at $897 and up  

My Luscious  and Loving Mama VIP Package, which last for a year, includes: 2 Trimesters , Blessing Way/ Baby Shower,  The Birth ,and newborn Mini-session, comes with my full commitment to pregnancy, birth and  baby.  I only book 5 of these a year and work closely with your birth team to assure a loving experience.   Please contact me for pricing. or 831-334-7378

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