Welcome, phenomenal woman, on your personal journey to reclaim and connect to your senses!

Discover the power of FUN

Engage in communication tools for pleasurable living.

Connect  to your body through exploring your senses.

BE in your perfection 

I support women to connect back to their fun, turned-on, loving self, and capture their divine perfection through my photography.

My Sensual Life ™ Photography offering organically unfolded from my own personal life story. My first years of motherhood were both exciting as well as challenging. I loved being a new mother, yet transitioning into my new skin was tough. The reality of it was, I had a baby, I had stretch marks, I had bigger, descending breasts and was not at all in agreement with this HUGE physical transformation. For several years, I lost touch with my own sensuality. This disconnect from my body was the perfect excuse to disconnect from my partner and our intimate connection, as well. Our culture preached that I was imperfect and that I needed fixing. I bought into the idea that I had to somehow change how I looked and act in order to be seen by others as a sensual, turned-on woman.

Then, one day I made a choice to rewrite my story. It was HERstory....

I woke up to the thought that leading a fun, pleasurable life was an honorable goal and that my body was something to celebrate. My passion as a photographer combined  with my 12 year experience as a sensual researcher, is the foundation  for  Sensual Life ™ Photography.

Client Success Stories:

"My photo session was so much more than I would have imagined. Lucia is a true professional. At the end of our time together, I felt a free woman--like the giant boulder of internal shame and modesty I carried around inside was lifted forever. I left feeling a perfect being including feeling ravenously hungry while at the same time so deeply relaxed I could sleep for days. From every part of me thank you, Lucia, for holding the space for me to step into a new me. "  - Much Love, C

" Seeing the photos after the session was like meeting my magical self. I saw the power, and the love, and the sensual woman. It changed the way I think of the word sensual, and it changed my relationship with my sensual self ....
There is a part of me that experiences the world differently than my analytical mind, and she has an equal and worthy place in the world. She is my inner child, and she is the passion that drives me. Working with Lucia reminded me that she is a powerful person, and she deserves to be loved and honored. And that reminder is timelessly captured in Lucia's expert photography."

- A.M

What exactly are you getting yourself into with Sensual Life ™ Photography ?

What I do is a reflection of my viewpoint that people are perfect the way they are. Perfection includes progress and change throughout our lives. So, capturing this ever changing, divine perfection   is a powerful acknowledgment of your rightness. This is not your in and out photography experience. This is definitely not a boudoir photo session. I support you in having a full experience before, during and after your Sensual Life ™ photography journey. The before is a 2 week program which allows you to practice self-care, explore what feels good to you, experience life pleasurably, write about what you notice, and includes sensuality coaching sessions.The during is putting these tools into action, being  fully present during the your  photography session. After,  you have the opportunity to  work closely  with me to curate the perfect  photo book that reflects your personal Sensual Life ™ experience.

Want to Learn More About Sensual Life ™?

I offer  FREE 45 minute Sensual Life ™ Discovery Sessions to women who have the desire to connect more deeply to their sensual selves and see that exquisitely  captured through photography.

The Sensual Life ™ Discovery session is where we’ll talk about what this looks like for you and how the process works. To get back on the road to connecting to your sensual, exquisite self,

Schedule a 45 minute Sensual Life ™ Discovery Session

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